MetaMask enhances security and improves transaction prices

MetaMask improves gas usage and wallet security.

A new desktop extension is launched for Microsoft Edge.

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MetaMask, the wallet and browser extension for cryptocurrency, is busy strengthening its security as hacks and exploitations continue to plague the industry.

In its latest monthly report, MetaMask detailed the ongoing efforts to improve the platform for its users and increase security. There are a few changes that dApp developers should be aware of, but these will not affect users.

The wallet provider has developed “LavaMoat”, a for generating dApp packages with enhanced security in the form of Secure EcmaScript (SES) containers. He added that every version of the MetaMask extension from version 8.0.6 deploys an SES.

This toughens all of our code and dramatically reduces the number of ways a malicious dependency can compromise a user’s wallet. In short, your wallet is more secure than ever!

In addition to the Chrome, Firefox, and Brave desktop browser extensions, MetaMask has now launched one for Windows Edge users.

MetaMask: the cost of gas for transactions

The report adds that it has changed the way these transaction fees are calculated. This should allow for more consistency in the transaction fees shown on the confirmation screen, in addition to a general increase in the speed of transactions.

To do this, we launched an advanced Ethereum Gas Estimation API, first in our Swap function and then for all MetaMask transactions .

The application’s programming interface combines several gas estimation services to provide optimal gas estimations.

The average price of transactions on the Ethereum network is higher than it has been for most of November – currently at $ 2.45 according to BitInfoCharts . It peaked at $ 5 on November 26, when activity picked up for the various DeFi protocols.

In early October, BeInCrypto reported that MetaMask had started token exchanges to save fees.