MINA Price Soars: Bulls Eye 44% Gains – Key Levels to Watch

• MINA, the native token of the succinct blockchain Mina protocol, has seen a 30% increase in price since the start of 2021 and is currently trading above $1.
• The recent surge in price can be attributed to the upcoming launch of Cohort 1, a three-month program initiated to support developers and entrepreneurs building on Mina Protocol.
• This program offers top projects $500K USDC and 500K MINA.

MINA Price Soars As Cohort 1 Launch Date Approaches

The native token of the succinct blockchain Mina protocol, MINA, started 2021 with a dull outlook but bulls took control as prices surged 30%. With increasing trading volume for the MINA token, bulls pushed it beyond $1 mark with a 62% surge to reach an all-time high of $1.155 on February 11th. Bears are now attempting to break this rally but technicals still indicate further upside potential with 44% gains expected up to $1.6.

Cohort 1: Supporting Developers and Entrepreneurs

Mina Protocol is designed to remain constant despite growth in usage, making it one of the world’s lightest blockchains that offer efficient distributed payments systems where users can natively verify right from genesis block. To support ambitious developers and entrepreneurs building zkApps and tooling on Mina Protocol, Cohort 1 – also known as zkIgnite – was initiated as a three-month program offering top projects $500K USDC and 500K MINA tokens each.

Bulls Eye 44% Gains: Key Levels To Watch

The technicals for MINA support further upside potential as bulls plan for 44% gains towards $1.6 level which would be a new all-time high for this project’s native token. At the time of writing, MINA was trading at $1.098 with 5% increase in market cap taking it up to #54 spot on CoinMarketCap rankings with its trading volume also rising by 22%.

Golden Cross: A Bullish Signal?

The recent bullish run has triggered off something called ‚golden cross‘ which could turn out to be an important signal that could indicate strong bullish momentum ahead depending upon how traders react to this pattern when they realize its presence in charts i.e whether they decide to buy or sell after getting aware about it or not.


MINA price began 2021 slowly but has since recovered significantly due to increased investor interest around Cohort 1 launch date coming near along with bullish signs such as golden cross appearing on charts which could potentially lead prices even higher if traders decide to buy instead of selling when made aware about them .